Booked Appointments With Qualified Decision Makers - On Autopilot.

Prior to partnering with Solarlink, Mitch was relying on cold email, cold calling, word of mouth and/or referral in order to stay afloat. 

These prospect methods consumed 40+ hours a week and produced average results. 

Mitch & Yotta Energy partnered with Solarlink in September 2021. From September to December (3 month period) Solarlink has generated over 1700 qualified decision makers, and over 600 of them have responded to our outreach. 

These days, Mitch spends the majority of his time on calls with decision makers closing deals. Best of all, he has a calendar that is booked out 2-3 weeks at all times (as you can see in one of the screenshots)


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Booked Meetings​
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Return On Investment​

Project Summary

Goal was to reduce the man hours Mitch spent prospecting while increasing the number of qualified meetings he was on every week. Solarlink planned to do this using LinkedIn organic marketing. 

The Strategy

We approached this in 4 steps. 

1. Give Mitch’s profile a facelift. When we connect with qualified decision makers in the industries / gelocations Yotta targets, the first impression a connection will have is the profile. We ensured Mitch had a great profile picture and that his overall LinkedIn profile was optimized for high connection rates.

2. Target the perfect audience. We learned Yotta Energy’s value proposition and who their perfect customer was. We then targeted decision makers in Mitch’s geolocation. 

3. Connect with and nuture target audience. We then connected with hundreds of these individuals per month while sending thousands of messages per week. The name of the game is matching volume and quality. We sent high intent messages to these individuals in order to generate interest.

4. Book qualified meetings on Mitch’s calendar. We included Mitch’s calendar link so prospects could self book. If they had more questions we worked with Mitch to made sure we represented him the right way. Within the first two weeks, Mitch’s calendar was booked 2-3 weeks out!

Proven Results

The results above simply show the power of our service. We’re here to provide a lot of value. What would an additional 20+ booked meetings per month with QUALIFIED individuals mean for your business? Hundreds of thousands, millions more in revenue? We were able to save Mitch time, make him money, all while doing it for a smaller investement than our competitors. 

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