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Robert, Owner of Orbital Solar Inc. is getting on over 30 booked meetings per month - on autopilot.

Prior to becoming a client of Solarlink, Robert didn’t have a solid digital marketing strategy in place. He was relying on a few referrals, cold emailing, and manually prospecting on LinkedIn. He would be lucky to have a scheduled call with a decision maker in any given week.

Since working with Solarlink, the direction of his company has completely shifted! He is getting on booked meetings  with decision makers in the target market and geolocation of his choosing – every week!

Solarlink handles the lead generation, the prospecting, the nurturing, and Robert focuses on showing up to the booked meetings. No more cold calling, no more spending hours building email lists and hoping for the best.

Connections in 30 days
Qualified Responses
Booked Meetings
% Reduction In Time Spent Prospecting

Project Summary

Robert and his team in 2022 are focused on international project development and management for solar projects in Africa, primarely Nigeria. In order to help with the funding of said projects, Robert needs to be put in front of national and international investment firms.

Solarlinks strategy is twofold. Connect Robert with qualified decision makers in Nigeria to discuss a partnership with solar projects and connect robert with Investment firms across the globe.

The Strategy

We started by giving Roberts profile a facelift. A new profile picture, a new logo, cover photo, about section, and information on his page that clearly states who he is and why he is connecting with new prospects.

We then build two main campaigns. One to target decision makers in the renewable space in Africa, and one to target decision makers at investment firms across the globe. 

Once we dialed in the targeting, the Solarlink team sent over 50 connection requests per day, and those who connected, sent custom built, high intent messages to generate interest with the goal of the decision makers booking calls on Roberts calendar. 

Proven Results

Robert is connecting with 10-20 new prospects per day with a 60%+ response rate. From the positive responses, Robert is getting on 5-10 calls per week.

The screenshots and video testimonials above go into detail. While this page shows a month of results, over the course of a year, Solarlink plans to get Robert connected with 5000+ new decision makers on LinkedIn. With these numbers, Robert can simply write a linkedin post or share information about himself and his company and have this reach thousands of people. No need for expensivec paid advertisment campaigns, SEO, or tedious email campaigns.

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