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Ovation Marketing is proud to spotlight our long-standing, fruitful partnership with Helix Sun, a prominent Commercial & Industrial Solar Company providing Photovoltaic (PV) solutions to various industries including golf, manufacturing, commercial real estate, and agriculture.

Helix Sun, led by their CEO Ryan and VP of Business Development Max, sought our expertise to invigorate their lead generation campaigns and facilitate connections with key decision-makers across their target industries. Recognizing the power of LinkedIn as a professional networking platform, we crafted a robust and targeted strategy to enhance Helix Sun’s visibility and reach.

Our strategy involved creating compelling content and conducting strategic outreach on LinkedIn, significantly increasing Helix Sun’s industry presence. We worked closely with Ryan and Max to identify their target decision-makers and create meaningful engagements that expanded their professional network and opened up potential business opportunities.

The results of our partnership with Helix Sun have been remarkable. Month after month, we successfully connected Ryan and Max with industry decision-makers, enabling them to close high-ticket deals and drive the growth of their business.

Over the span of almost two years, our partnership has not only strengthened but also consistently delivered results that exceeded expectations. This enduring collaboration is a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored lead generation strategy and the value we bring to our clients.

At Ovation Marketing, our commitment extends beyond delivering marketing services. We strive to build lasting partnerships that drive results and contribute to our clients’ success. The achievements of Helix Sun underscore our dedication to this mission and inspire us to continually set new standards in marketing excellence.

Here at Ovation Marketing, your vision is our mission. We’re dedicated to transforming your aspirations into a reality, celebrating each milestone along the journey.

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